In Atlantis, they say that nothing is ever new, and that history is always doomed to repeat itself.

Atlantis is a world that war has left its mark on in a lasting manner. The world’s greatest nations rose and fell by the way of the blade, and even the gods themselves wage their battles with each other across time and space.

Atlantis is home to 6 nations, each unique and proud of its heritage.

  • Republic of Armitage
  • Cilesian Empire
  • Kingdom of Forenza
  • Elven Kingdom of Urarail
  • Dwarven Alliance
  • the Gnomo-Halfling Communities

Currently, international politics are dominated by the rivalry between the gigantic but ailing Cilesian Empire and the proud Republic of Armitage. While the world’s attention is directed to a decaying Cilesian Empire once again seeking greatness through conquest, other figures, veiled in secrecy, are seeking a handful of scraps of old paper, claiming that no army or power can compare to what these long-forgotten notes say.

Messages From the Past